For Students

Imagine the world as your college campus – Where you no longer take classes from a single institution yet graduate from the college of your choice – with unheard-of flexibility, achieving degree completion faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. For Lumerit students, this vision is reality.

Time to degree completion and cost are enemies of all students. Today, students require course scheduling flexibility, fastest path to graduation and a degree completion plan at an affordable cost.

The lack of access to the tools, resources and knowledge place students in a position of weakness - resulting in a lengthy degree completion process and overpaying for a college degree. 

Lumerit is an advocate for students. Join the more than 24,368 students from all 50 states and 48 countries who use the world as their campus to graduate from one of more than 1,500 colleges and universities.  

For Employers - Transform your Tuition Benefits

Lumerit works with some of the largest employers in the country who have added the Lumerit Scholar® program and our Central Registrar's Office ®  to save tens of millions of dollars, on their Tuition Benefit Programs

With the power of a Central Registrar’s Office ® a Global Digital Classroom ® and more than 1,500 colleges and universities in our network, employees are equipped to achieve faster degree completion and enjoy a savings of tens of thousands of dollars on their journey.

For working adults, having flexibility in course start times and the fastest path towards graduation can make the difference between balancing work, life and learning.   

Find out why corporate employees are rewarding the Lumerit Scholar® program with world class brand loyalty scores.


For Colleges

Learning Solutions, a division of Lumerit, enhances the competitive position of small and medium sized colleges in the digital era of higher education.

Colleges and Universities have access to our Global Digital Classroom ® to offer courses under their own brand to students around the world.

The Lumerit Education Academic Network (LEAN) includes a network of academic course content, completely facilitated by faculty, with course assessments mapped to learning outcomes.

Learn more about how colleges access our Global Digital Classroom ® to offer any course, any time, for any length and with no minimum enrollment.