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September 27, 2017

EdTech CEO  Macro Trends in Higher Education

Exclusive Interview on Learning Innovations Podcast

San Antonio, TX – Rick Beyer, CEO of Lumerit summarized the macro trends shaping higher education on the popular Learning Innovations Podcast hosted by global learning professional Doug Bushée. Beyer explained how changes in consumer behavior are affecting the time and cost of degree completion from a student’s college of choice.

 “Today’s education consumer wants flexibility and choice. A good way to understand what’s happening is to look at iTunes. To hear our favorite song we used to have to buy an entire album, now we can buy just an individual song. The ‘iTunes’ approach of selecting exactly what we want has carried over into other areas of life, including higher education,” Beyer explained.

Seventy-five percent of students attend two or more colleges. The impact of this shift in consumer behavior is longer degree completion and unnecessary added costs, Beyer explained.

“We used to think about college as a four-year endeavor. But now, colleges are measuring their graduation rates over a six-year period. This is far too long for both traditional students and working adults who need to finish a degree. In addition, college affordability continues to be an issue with $1.4 trillion in student debt.”

Beyer described how Lumerit helps consumers, adult learners, and corporate learning officers successfully navigate these trends to reduce the time and overall cost of degree completion:

  • Through its Central Registrar’s Office,™ Lumerit eliminates the complexities of the degree requirements process by creating a course-by-course degree completion plan from a student’s college of choice.  
  • Lumerit provides the consumer convenience and flexibility with its Global Digital Classroom™ to use the world as their campus from a mobile phone anywhere in the world. As a result, individuals and corporations are saving millions in higher education spending.

The interview is available in its entirety on the Learning Innovations Podcast Channel: http://thelearninginnovationspodcast.com/014-rick-beyer-lumerit-ceo-interview

About Lumerit Education

Lumerit is an education technology company and primary content provider headquartered in San Antonio, TX. Through its Lumerit Scholar® program, the company is addressing the issues of college degree completion and affordability in the consumer, corporate, and international markets, using its highly flexible proprietary technology platform. Through its Learning Solutions division, the company also helps small and medium-sized colleges compete in the higher education online learning arena. Lumerit has served more than 24,368 students from all 50 states and 48 countries with its Global Digital Classroom™ allowing them to create degree plans with more than 1,000 colleges and universities through its Central Registrar’s Office™. The company continues to earn world-class Net Promoter Scores® from its students. Learn more at www.lumerit.com.