Course Content Services


The Global Digital Classroom™ digital content strategy allows colleges and universities to meet unique design requirements of online courses and programs. If you are looking for a partner to assist in the update or creation of new content that is application based with learning outcomes linked to assessments, Learning Solutions has the experience to ensure your success.


Keeping course learning outcomes at the center of the design philosophy, our process ensures that students are measured and achieve the learning outcomes of each course. Each assessment is attached to the learning outcomes, program objectives and institution mission. 


Courses are easily configured and content is added with drag and drop functionality. The tablet like interface makes navigation and configuration simple and provides menu actions for adding content quickly and easily.


Learning Solutions' technology ensures students have a directed learning experience, maximizing the achievement of course learning outcomes. With an insightful combination of video, reading and forum activities, the learning environment engages students in each activity to maximize comprehension and academic performance.