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November 3, 2017

Lumerit Scholar Accelerates College Graduation

Addresses Time to Degree Completion

By Rick Beyer, CEO

San Antonio, TX – Time is the enemy for college degree completion. When students go to college, they have access to a course catalog which contains hundreds of classes. From that catalog, about forty courses will become requirements for earning a degree. Once students complete all the requirements they will graduate. The problems begin when life gets in the way.  Today, 75 percent of all students will attend two or more colleges prior to graduation and this leads to longer degree completion.

Every college has their own unique graduation requirements, and because of this variability, it places the student at a real disadvantage when determining their own course progression plan for graduation. As a result, students spend more time and money than necessary completing their degree due to the significant number of “lost credits.” Attending two or more colleges does not have to be problematic.

How does Lumerit accelerate degree completion? Lumerit Scholars® have access to a Central Registrar’s Office™ which provides the resources and tools to help students build a course-by-course degree plan to allow for the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective path to graduation. Some of our best Lumerit Scholars have earned their entire bachelor’s degree from start to finish in two years and have gone on to some of the best graduate schools in America.  For working adults, 87 percent found a faster and more convenient path to graduation.

Lumerit Scholars® use the world as their classroom and as a result, graduate faster than students who do their own degree mapping. With access to a Global Digital Classroom™ students earn their credits faster and at a pace which aligns to their time and learning capabilities. Lumerit Scholars still graduate from the college of their choice, but the they earn up to 75 percent of their course work using the world as their classroom.

About Lumerit Education

Lumerit is an education technology company and primary content provider headquartered in San Antonio, TX. Through its Lumerit Scholar® program, the company is addressing the issues of college degree completion and affordability in the consumer, corporate, and international markets, using its highly flexible proprietary technology platform. Through its Learning Solutions division, the company also helps small and medium-sized colleges compete in the higher education online learning arena. Lumerit has served more than 24,368 students from all 50 states and 48 countries with its Global Digital Classroom™ allowing them to create degree plans with more than 1,000 colleges and universities through its Central Registrar’s Office™. The company continues to earn world-class Net Promoter Scores® from its students. Learn more at

About Rick Beyer

As CEO of Lumert, Beyer brings a unique combination of experience in higher education and business. As a former college president and board governance chair, successful technology CEO, and senior operating executive of a $1 billion public company, Beyer has consistently been at the forefront of industry-leading initiatives. He has a successful history of navigating organizations through change and growth, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of macro trends shaping higher education.