a central registrar's office for your use and benefit

Whether you are a first time freshman or a working adult, our Central Registrar's Office™ will provide you with the tools and resources to complete your college degree according to your schedule, budget and goals.  Find out why ninety one percent (91%) of our degree plan audits produce a faster, more effective and lower cost path for college graduation. 

Using our Central Registrar's Office™ your academic adviser will develop a course by course progression plan for you which considers your goals, available time, budget, degree major, college selection, and any other important life situation.  Learn how to stay out of debt while you earn your degree.

Personalized Learning Portal

Each Lumerit Scholar has their own personalized learning portal allowing access to our Global Digital Classroom™ which contains the specific classes needed to complete their degree. 

Students can access classes from any device and any time.   Our students engage regularly their success coach throughout their journey. The academic coaching benefit is virtually nonexistent in a traditional college setting. 

Your college degree progression plan is tailored to allow you to earn up to three years of college credits all aligned to your target institutions, where you will earn your degree.   

The World is Your Classroom

Lumerit Scholars accumulate college credits through our Global Digital Classroom, which contains thousands of course options, including:

  • Experiential learning 

  • Service learning or mission trip

  • Self paced classes (4 to 12 weeks)

  • Study abroad

  • Job-related work experience

  • Competency testing

  • Traditional faculty led online programming 

  • Traditional class room courses

  • Prior learning assessments

  • Undergraduate research



Students earn their credits faster, are better prepared, and spend far less money than traditional students who migrate through a traditional and time-consuming system. All Lumerit Scholars™  have the benefit of graduating from regionally accredited colleges and universities.

earning your college credits

As a Lumerit Scholar™ your college credits are  earned through our Global Digital Classroom™  where they will be transferred to your selected institution. In all cases, the degree is granted through your selected regionally accredited university or college of choice. More than 1,000 colleges and universities are part of our network.

Part of a community 

Lumerit Scholar allows you a unique journey to earn real life experience while you earn your college degree. Whether you are a working adult or a traditional-aged student, as a Lumerit Scholar™  you are part of a community of students who have selected the more time and cost effective path to complete their college degree.

Admissions Track—Full-Time or part-time

Students have the option to choose a full-time or part-time academic track. Students have flexibility to have their classes span four to sixteen weeks.  Instant course starts allow students to learn on their time schedule.

Who has a personal, vested interest in your success?

Every Lumerit Scholar™ has a success coach who has a personal vested interest in your journey. Our students including working adults rave about their coaches. Every student scores his or her coach on a continual basis. It is why we have earned world-class Net Promoter Scores in our success coaching and Central Registrar's Office™.

Nationally Endorsed by Dave Ramsey

Blake C.B.A., Communications | Understanding that the traditional college path wouldn’t allow him to get real-life experience, Blake set out on a combination study and intern experience that positioned him for an immediate hire and quick rise to management. 

“The ability to pursue a customized real-life experience in combination with study put me years ahead of my peers and has opened up unimagined career and life opportunities. I am forever in debt to your great service.”

Brittany S.B.A., History | A Lumerit Scholar success story. With her undergraduate degree in hand, Brittany applied and was accepted into Georgetown University’s Law School and University of Virginia master’s program in government before accepting a scholarship to attend law school at the College of William & Mary. 

“If I had gone the traditional path for college, I would have wasted a lot of time. By choosing Lumerit Scholar, I had the flexibility to pursue my education at my own pace and ability without the limitations of sitting in a class.”