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January 3, 2018

Lumerit Announces Global Digital Classroom™ Technology Expansion
Any Course, Any Time, Any Length

San Antonio, TX - Lumerit Education announced the expansion of its Global Digital Classroom platform technology with any course, any time, any length convenience for students earning their college degree. The platform allows students to select their own course content for any offering period of length to meet their own unique study and time requirements.

“As an advocate for student success, our technology is designed to address an industry wide problem of time to graduation, which is now being measured over six years,” said Brian Shaw, Lumerit’s CTO.  “Students require maximum flexibility when scheduling their courses. Up to now, students were required to take their courses when offered and for the period set by the college.” 

Through the Lumerit Global Digital Classroom students may instantly start a class over a set period. The Lumerit technology platform automatically configures the course assignments to the student’s time requirement. “Keeping course learning outcomes at the center of the design philosophy, our platform ensures students are measured and have ample opportunity to achieve the learning outcomes of each course. With each assessment having a line-of-sight to course learning outcomes and program objectives, students can stay focused on the purpose of each assessment and course as it relates to their overall mission objective,” said Shaw.

Lumerit Scholars® use the world as their classroom to register and complete courses which are aligned to a target institution for graduation. They will earn up to 90 credits through the Global Digital Classroom before transferring to the college of their choice for final degree completion. Over the years, Lumerit Scholars have typically completed their degrees in less than four years compared to a national average of six and have progressed on to some of the best graduate schools in America.

About Lumerit Education

Lumerit is an education technology company and primary content provider headquartered in San Antonio, TX. Through its Lumerit Scholar® program, the company is addressing the issues of college degree completion and affordability in the consumer, corporate, and international markets, using its highly flexible proprietary technology platform. Through its Learning Solutions division, the company also helps small and medium-sized colleges compete in the higher education online learning arena. Lumerit has served more than 24,368 students from all 50 states and 48 countries with its Global Digital Classroom™ allowing them to create degree plans with more than 1,000 colleges and universities through its Central Registrar’s Office™. The company continues to earn world-class Net Promoter Scores® from its students. Learn more at