A Message From The CEO

My name is Rick Beyer, and I am the CEO of Lumerit Education. As a former college president, I have a deep understanding of the economic trends and shifts in the construction of the college degree components and it's impact on major corporations.

Our Story

We originally created the Lumerit Scholar program for the consumer market. After serving more than 12,000 students in 23 countries we were “discovered” by one of the five largest employers in the US.  After a case study revealed that nearly 90% of their employees were wasting a significant amount of both time and money in pursuit of their degree, they implemented the Lumerit Scholar program (without having to make a single change to their TAP policies).  Since that date we have helped literally thousands of their employees and have had a major impact on employee engagement, talent management and retention.


The Opportunity

Some of the largest employers in the country have added the Lumerit Scholar program to their existing TAP programs. The immediate results included:

  • Improved employee engagement 
  • Significantly reduce the cost of higher education both for the employee and employer
  • Significantly increase the strategic value of their TAP program.


Case Studies

Below are three case studies showing how the Lumerit Scholar program uncovered an incredibly amount of savings and provided a strategic and highly effective addition to TAP. 

Case Study #1

Case Study #2

Case Study #3

Schedule At Your Convienence

I would greatly welcome an opportunity to speak with you directly, and together determine if Lumerit Scholar might be a beneifit to your company. Please feel free to click on the link below to schedule a time (at your conenience) for us to talk.