"I am a Lumerit Scholar..."

The Lumerit Scholar program blends world class degree advising with more than 36,000 course options to create a truly personalized degree program. This is how it works...


Build a customized degree plan that fits your budget.

Take flexible college courses that fit your schedule


Transfer your credit to the college of your choice


The Degree Plan


More than 11,000 Lumerit Scholars from 23 countries have graduated from over 300 colleges.

"We are Lumerit Scholars"

Lumerit Scholar helped me discover what I’m really passionate about, and then gave me the tools and credentials to pursue that passion.
— Jeffery Reid, Lumerit Scholar
As far as workload, class level, and the amount of knowledge I received while getting my undergrad, I felt completely prepared for graduate school. Lumerit Scholar did a phenomenal job preparing me to handle the academic rigor of graduate school.
— Laurelen Whitney, Lumerit Scholar
Through the Lumerit Scholar program I was able to graduate without any debt in a short amount of time. [And] the flexibility allowed me to work part-time. I’m better equipped because of the experiences I’ve had with Lumerit Scholar.
— Chelsea Monroe, Lumerit Scholar