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October 3, 2017

Lumerit Announces Fourth Consecutive Year of World-Class Net Promoter Score®

Central Registrar’s Office™ Student-Centric Approach is Successful

San Antonio, TX -  Lumerit completed its fourth year with a world-class Net Promoter Score® of 70 for its Central Registrar’s Office. First created by Fred Reichheld and Bain & Company, NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth. The scoring system ranges from minus 100 to positive 100. An NPS of 50 is considered excellent with 70 or higher considered world-class and includes such companies as USAA (80), Apple (69), Nordstrom (74), Costco (74), and Southwest Airlines (64).

“The NPS system has allowed Lumerit to become exclusively student centric. We are proud of the world-class scores earned from our Lumerit Scholars,” said Ryan Yamane, COO and Co-Founder of Lumerit Education.

Lumerit began using NPS calculations in 2013 allowing Lumerit Scholars to rate important aspects of its program. This proven metric transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs on a world-wide basis.

“We measure virtually everything at our company. The NPS measurement allows for the best metric to calculate customer experience, brand loyalty and the willingness of customers to recommend you to their friends. We also use NPS to help improve areas within the company.” Yamane explained.

About Lumerit Education


Lumerit is an education technology company and primary content provider headquartered in San Antonio, TX. Through its Lumerit Scholar® program, the company is addressing the issues of college degree completion and affordability in the consumer, corporate, and international markets, using its highly flexible proprietary technology platform. Through its Learning Solutions division, the company also helps small and medium-sized colleges compete in the higher education online learning arena. Lumerit has served more than 24,368 students from all 50 states and 48 countries with its Global Digital Classroom™ allowing them to create degree plans with more than 1,000 colleges and universities through its Central Registrar’s Office™. The company continues to earn world-class Net Promoter Scores® from its students. Learn more at