Read about Lumerit News and other Achievements

  • World Champion - Lumerit Scholar
    Cameron Whorton can’t waste time. He can’t afford to. The San Dimas, Calif., native works 40 hours a week in management at a Chick-fil-A restaurant. The 22-year-old competes regularly in martial arts competitions, spending two to three hours a day in training. Cameron also is in college as a Lumerit Scholar, spending several more hours a week taking online classes through the Lumerit Global Digital Classroom.™ Camron, a second-degree black belt, was the overall grand champion in the  North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) circuit competition in Miami in 2017, as well as ending the year with the world champion No. 1 ranking.

  • Lumerit Expands to 1,000 Colleges and Universities
    Lumerit Education expanded its Central Registrar’s Office™ to more than 1,000 colleges and universities providing even greater choices for students to build a course-by-course degree plan for the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective path to graduation. Using its proprietary technology platform, the Lumerit Central Registrar’s Office considers thousands of variables not otherwise available to students when considering their degree completion options.

  • Lumerit Education Announces Partnership with Pearson Education
    Lumerit Education announced today a partnership with Pearson Education to offer its Global Digital Classroom™ and Central Registrar’s Office™ to Fortune 500 corporations to enhance employee retention and development.

  • National Review - Colleges and Confusing Mazes
    Fortunately, the free market spurs innovations to help consumers of all kinds, including college students and their families. In this Martin Center article, Shannon Watkins writes about a particularly interesting one named Lumerit.

  • Lumerit Extends College Platform to Chief Learning Officers   
    Lumerit Education announced today the extension of its Central Registrar’s Office™  to corporate Chief Learning Officers (CLOs), an innovative alignment of academic, consumer and corporate learning interests that will help employees complete college degree requirements while meeting their company’s learning and development objectives.

  • Impact the World as a Lumerit Scholar®
    Lumerit Scholar® Tori DiMartile found her passion of working with special needs children while earning a college degree, and without accumulating student debt. Listen to DiMartile share the story of her work and success as a Lumerit Scholar.

  • Dr. Neil Kerwin Joins Lumerit Board of Directors
    Lumerit Education announced the addition of Dr. Cornelius (Neil) M. Kerwin as a member of the board of directors. Kerwin became American University’s 14th president in July 2007 after more than a decade of leadership that transformed the institution in academic quality, campus facilities, and national standing.

  • Lumerit Announces Global Digital Classroom™ Technology Expansion
    Lumerit Education announced the expansion of its Global Digital Classroom platform technology with any course, any time, any length convenience for students earning their college degree. The platform allows students to select their own course content for any offering period of length to meet their own unique study and time requirements.

  • Lumerit Accelerates College Degree Completion
    Time is the enemy for college degree completion. When students go to college, they have access to a course catalog which contains hundreds of classes. From that catalog, about forty courses will become requirements for earning a degree. Once students complete all the requirements they will graduate. The problems begin when life gets in the way. Today, 75% of all students will attend two or more colleges prior to graduation and this leads to delayed degree completion.

  • Lumerit Earns National Endorsement From Dave Ramsey Show
    Lumerit Education announced it has received a national endorsement from Dave Ramsey, one of the largest radio syndicated talk show hosts and America’s trusted source on money and debt free living.

  • Lumerit Earns World Class Net Promoter Scores
    Lumerit completed its fourth year with a world-class Net Promoter Score® of 70 for its Central Registrar’s Office. First created by Fred Reichheld and Bain & Company, NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth. The scoring system ranges from minus 100 to positive 100. An NPS of 50 is considered excellent with 70 or higher considered world-class and includes such companies as USAA (80), Apple (69), Nordstrom (74), Costco (74), and Southwest Airlines (64).

  • EdTech CEO on Macro Trends in Higher Education - Exclusive Interview on Learning Innovations Podcast
    Rick Beyer, CEO of Lumerit summarized the macro trends shaping higher education on the popular Learning Innovations Podcast hosted by global learning professional Doug Bushée. Beyer explained how changes in consumer behavior are affecting the time and cost of degree completion from a student’s college of choice.