Dramatic Return on Investment 

Lumerit Education  offers a unique value proposition to both employers and employees.  Our Lumerit Scholar program enhances workforce strategies while positively impacting the education experience for employees. The result is a dramatic ROI on tuition reimbursement benefits and greater employee satisfaction.

Our degree plans  are specifically designed to fit into a student's busy work life, are focused on the skills that matter to the company and are extraordinarily cost effective.

Lumerit Scholar Program Advantages

  • Global implementation for multinational corporations

  • Cost structure favorable and immediate ROI

  • Access to Lumerit Education student database of talent

  • Employee satisfaction with proven NPS scores at world-class levels

  • Personalized academic advisor and coach with a vested interest in your employees

  • 87% of our degree plan accelerators result in a faster path to graduation for employees

  • The ability to implement a national education strategy with more than 100+ colleges and universities  

  • Professional studies track aligned with domain experience

  • Ability to customize the college curriculum to your organization  

Professional Health Care Training

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