College degree completion and affordability is our goal.  

The Lumerit Scholar™ program addresses a comprehensive change in methodology for earning a bachelor’s degree, allowing students to graduate faster and with significantly lower costs, including the avoidance of debt. 

Designed for both full and part-time students, the Lumerit Scholar ® program begins with our Central Registrar’s Office® where students have access to tools and academic resources to construct a course-by-course degree completion plan.    

Our Central Registrar's Office ® receives world class net promoter scores from our students as we develop degree completion plans which takes into  account individual goals, life situation, learning style, costs, major, and college selection.

Students have access to the world as their campus through our Global Digital Classroom® to earn up to three years worth of college credits before transferring into the college or university of choice for final degree completion. Through this college degree journey, all Lumerit Scholars®  are supported with a success coach who has a vested interest in their success.



Degree Manager™  is a personalized student portal which allows access into the Global Digital Classroom™ from any device including your mobile phone.  Students can register for classes directly from their personal learning portal.  Degree Manager includes all of your courses required  for degree completion. Here are a few of the Degree Manager benefits:

  • Save tens of thousands of dollars - earning the same degree at the college of your choice

  • Accessible from any device including your mobile phone

  • Coaching and personal support

  • Instant course registration

  • Flexible course scheduling and course length; from four to sixteen week terms

  • Personalized learning custom to your life and work

Instant Class Start Times -  

  • Students have the flexibility to enroll in their courses at anytime. They also can specify their class term length. One class may be four weeks, while another might be eight weeks and the third may be twelve.

  • Part time Lumerit Scholars™ earn their credits faster because of the flexible course scheduling and instant starts.

  • Full time Lumerit Scholars™ may earn 45 to 60 credits as in a calendar year. This compares to traditional students full time students who usually earn from 24 to 30 credits during an academic year. The speed of earning college credits is dependent upon academic proficiency, available time, and personal goals. College credits are earned at the natural pace of each student. Our Central Registrar's Office will help design a course-by-course degree plan to meet your goals.

Who Are Lumerit Scholars? 

  • Working adults   

  • Community college students seeking to complete their degree

  • Transfer students

  • Magnet and charter school students

  • Achievement-oriented students 

  • Home-school students

  • Honor students who seek to accelerate their full degree completion, in preparation for a Master's degree. Three years Bachelors and Masters Degree porgamming.

  • Private school students

  • International students

Nancy B.B.A., Humanities | There are 40 million adults in the USA with college credits and no degree. It wasn’t until Nancy’s second child graduated high school that Nancy thought seriously about going back to college. Within a year of enrolling, Nancy finished her degree, landed a full-time teaching position, and began working on her master’s degree. 

“I always wanted to finish my degree but didn’t know how. My coach guided me step-by-step through the process and allowed me to maintain my hectic schedule while working on my degree. Lumerit Education made this all possible. I am so excited to be done.”

Aron J.B.A., Computer Information Systems | After teaching himself HTML and CSS and creating some websites for fun, Aron realized if he wanted to be prepared to land his dream job, he would need two things: his bachelor’s degree and actual work experience.

“Not only will I have earned my degree in Computer Information Systems, but I will also have over 2,000 hours of coding experience, an extensive portfolio, and tons of experience—working with tight deadlines, under different management styles, and on a variety of projects.”