Nancy B.B.A., Humanities | There are 40 million adults in the USA with college credits and no degree. It wasn't until Nancy’s second child graduated high school that she seriously considered going back to college. Within a year of enrolling in Lumerit Scholar, Nancy finished her degree, landed a full-time teaching position, and began working on her master’s degree. 

“I always wanted to finish my degree but didn’t know how. My academic  coach guided me step-by-step through the process and allowed me to maintain my hectic schedule while working on my degree. Lumerit Scholar made this all possible. I am so excited to be done.”

Aron J.B.A., Computer Information Systems | After teaching himself HTML and CSS and creating some websites for fun, Aron realized if he wanted to be prepared to land his dream job, he would need two things: his bachelor’s degree and actual work experience.

“Not only will I have earned my degree in Computer Information Systems, but I will also have over 2,000 hours of coding experience, an extensive portfolio, and tons of experience—working with tight deadlines, under different management styles, and on a variety of projects.”

Christina C.B.A., Communications | Years of Christina’s life have been dedicated to mastering a few simple moves—twists, kicks, and jabs—the graceful dance that is Taekwondo. Christina completed her degree while training for the U.S. Olympic team.

“I train three plus hours per day. My study hours must revolve around my training schedule. Lumerit Scholar’s flexible structure makes study and training work together.”

John S.—B.A., Liberal Studies | A motivated student for sure, John used the Lumerit Scholar program to accelerate his undergraduate work. He was accepted into law school and became an entrepreneur and practicing Manhattan attorney by age 21. 

“For me, practicing law is a life calling, not just a job. My life purpose is to use the practice of law to mend relationships and heal society. With the help of Lumerit Scholar, I am blessed to be fulfilling my own unique life purpose. Lumerit Scholar is meeting the need students have to discover and fulfill their unique life purpose and in ways that brick-and-mortar colleges are unable to accomplish.”

Jennifer S.—B.A., Political Science | At age 23, Florida’s youngest state representative is a Lumerit Scholar alumna. Jennifer knew she needed a more flexible approach to college. Jennifer’s big dreams aligned well with the flexible approach used by Lumerit Scholar.  

If I you would have told me that I would be able to pack all of this into my life by age 23, I would have laughed at you. Lumerit Scholar provided the educational pathway to my degree and allowed me to achieve a major life goal.

Blake C.—B.A., Communications | Understanding the traditional college path wouldn’t allow him to get real-life experience, Blake set out on a combination study and intern experience that positioned him for an immediate hire and quick rise to management.  

The ability to pursue a customized real-life experience in combination with study put me years ahead of my peers and has opened up unimagined career and life opportunities. I am forever in debt to the great service Lumerit Scholar provides.”

Laurelen W.—B.A., Music | Laurelen knew where she was headed in life. After graduating with her bachelor’s she went to Butler University for her master’s degree on a scholarship and also passed the Indiana state teacher’s exam. She is now living her dream teaching in a private school in Indianapolis.

“As far as workload, class level, and the amount of knowledge I received while getting my undergrad, Lumerit Scholar did a phenomenal job preparing me to handle the academic rigor of graduate school.”

Jon David B.—B.A., History | At age 20, Lumerit student Jon David is living out his passion as one of the youngest political campaign managers in the United States.

“I’m living my dream now. How many other college students can say the same? I have a full-time job doing what I love and I’m earning my degree [he has since earned his degree] all at the same time. My advice is to choose a college option that will prepare you for life, not just a degree. This is why I chose Lumerit Scholar.”

Kelsey K.—BSBA, General Management | Kelsey graduated from college debt-free. She started Lumerit Education while launching her jewelry business, which funded her entire degree. 

“Motivation was one of the key reasons I decided to enroll in Lumerit Scholar. Theoretically, I could have tried to ‘do college’ on my own—but I know myself. With the craziness of my everyday life I knew I needed the accountability of a coach, a real partner and encourager. Without it, I would have floundered.”

Marli T.—B.A., Liberal Studies | This “normal” student was participating in undergraduate research in Sudan while earning her degree. Marli is a great example of a motivated student who earned her degree while participating in international mission work.

People say, ‘Oh, you’re so young and have all these college credits. You must be some kind of genius.’ And those people who know me really well know I’m the farthest thing from that! Lumerit Scholar makes it so accessible to learn. You don’t have to be super smart, just motivated. Lumerit Scholar will equip you with the resources you need to earn your college degree.” 

Stephen R.—BSBA, Marketing | Stephen combined an internship and a very busy schedule to earn his college degree via Lumerit Scholar. A national debate champion, marketing strategist, and Lumerit Scholar alumnus, Stephen now runs marketing and sales for a citrus business in South Florida. 

Working through the Navigate purpose-discovery program with my coach was crucial in helping me decide what I wanted to do with my life and what degree would fit best with my calling.

Rebekah D.—B.A., in Communications | After earning her BA in Communications through Lumerit Scholar, Rebekah was hired as a fellowship dancer with the Atlanta Ballet.

I would study in the morning, go to ballet class in the afternoon, and then study before my evening ballet classes and rehearsals. Lumerit Scholar designed my entire degree plan around my life.

Brady C.—BSBA, General Business | Brady traveled across the country discussing politics and government while pursuing nonprofit work, all without putting his life on hold for college. 

Lumerit Scholar helped me pursue my dreams while knocking out an important credential. I wouldn't have been able to do this without them. Their system for learning provided the flexibility I needed.

Brittany S.—B.A., History | A Lumerit Scholar success story: with her undergraduate degree in hand, Brittany applied and was accepted into Georgetown University’s Law School and University of Virginia master’s program in government before accepting a scholarship to attend law school at the College of William & Mary. 

If I had gone the traditional path for college, I would have wasted a lot of time. By choosing Lumerit Scholar, I had the flexibility to pursue my education at my own pace and ability without the limitations of sitting in a class.

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