Adding  the Lumerit Scholar® program to your Tuition Assistance Program results in dramatically higher employee satisfaction, while significantly reducing the cost of higher education for all parties.

Step One:   Central Registrar’s Office™

Employees schedule their appointment with the Central Registrar's Office where they will have access  to the academic tools and resources necessary to construct a course-by-course degree plan for the college of their choice.  Our academic resources consider many variables including existing corporate tuition assistance policy,  employee's available time, budget, personal goals and learning styles.

The Central Registrar’s Office™ is able  to optimize the best credit-earning methods for each employee. What follows is the creation of a custom course-by-course degree plan with pertinent coursework selection, which allows students to earn credits faster, with greater success while spending a fraction of the cost compared to going it alone. 

Lumerit Education does not accept any payment from colleges for mapping students to a particular institution—we are exclusively student-centric. This is why our net promoter scores are at world class levels.

Step Two: The Degree Plan and Savings Report™

Our Central Registrar's Office™ works directly with your employees to construct a forward course progression plan—allowing him or her to graduate from the college or university of his or her choice.   We have mapped more than 1,000 colleges and universities.

Imagine how much effort and attention your organization would apply if business expenses rose at the same rate as college tuition.
Today, corporations and employees are over-spending on education benefits because they lack the tools and resources to navigate the many variables. The Lumerit Central Registrar's Office™  provides corporations and employees with the tools to transform the degree completion process.

Step Three: Degree Manager™ - Personal Learning Portal

As a Lumerit Scholar™, each employee has their  own personal learning portal to access the Global Digital Classroom™ to register for classes. The Degree Manager™ includes both the employee Degree Plan and Course Timing module which makes it simple for the employee to follow and learn. 

Students who take an active role in customizing their degree path are four times more likely to graduate than students who follow a standard path from a college course catalog.

Step Four: Global Digital Classroom™ and Course Selection

Lumerit Scholars™ have more options than traditional students.  Employees have access to the same type of courses  in many different formats.

Our Global Digital Classroom™ holds thousands of course options to allow the Central Registrar's Office™ to construct a course-by-course degree plan for each employee. 

Thousands of Lumerit Scholars™ access the Global Digital Classroom™ for their courses.  Up to three years of college credit can be accumulated for transfer to the college of their choice.