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DATE:  December 18, 2017

Lumerit Scholar Tori DiMartile Impacts the World
A Better Way to “Do College”

San Antonio, TX – Lumerit Scholar® Tori DiMartile found her passion of working with special needs children while earning a college degree, and without accumulating student debt.

DiMartile’s narrative is one of the thousands of unique Lumerit Scholar stories of how students are finding a better way to “do college” with Lumerit. Through the Global Digital Classroom™, students can access thousands of college courses on any device, at any time and earn up to three years of college credits aligned to their target institution for graduation. 

The flexibility of the Lumert Scholar’s program made it possible for DiMartile to work and travel while earning credits toward her degree of choice. While working at an orphanage in India, DiMartile fulfilled her interest in making an impact on the world and also discovered her passion for working with special needs children.

Listen to DiMartile share the story of her work and success as a Lumerit Scholar.

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